The Basic Facts

I have been 26 years old for a little over a month, and I realize that I still don’t seem to have anything figured out. Maybe this fact becomes less shocking with age, but it seems as though I should have been able to learn something about the universe or the world or even just myself in 26 years. As it is, I still have plenty to figure out.

This site is built on the foundation of my last endeavor, Misspending My Youth, my exploration of money and financial freedom, still a huge thing that I think about. Now I find myself wanting to think and write about more than money.

Having recently read The Happiness Project (see my Influences page for what else I’ve been reading and liking lately), I am embarking on my own happiness project this year. Unlike Gretchen Rubin, I won’t be trying to sing in the morning clean my closets, fight right or read Aristotle, though I will be trying to have more fun. Instead, this year I’m going to try to answer three big questions.

  1. What makes a family (especially what makes a good one)?
  2. What do I want to do with my life?
  3. What is fun and how do I have it?

Let me say right now, I expect to fail in this endeavor. If I turn 27 knowing the answers to life’s persistent questions, there better be a book deal. In the interim, I hope Dan Millman was right when he said, “the journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.”



    1. I saw the spaghetti squash pad thai that Joz linked on Facebook and just had to try it! I’ll let you know how it goes. The rest of your recipes look delicious also!

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