UFM 10 & 11 Grocery Shopping & Friendship

Coming in the middle of the week, Mrs. Frugalwoods’ reminder to shop from a list, buy in bulk, buy raw ingredients, etc. is not immediately relevant. The earliest I will be able to tackle her challenge–to go through your grocery routine and look for ways to economize–is Friday.

That said, I did have a pretty big frugal food win today:beautiful basil someone left a huge bunch of fresh basil on the free table at work! I brushed a bit of spiderweb off one of the leaves, and snagged it for myself! This, plus the tomatoes that I failed to add to my 3 grain salad, as well as a quick loaf of french bread that’s baking as I type, will be the basis of tonight’s dinner. I had been planning to make the lentil pumpkin curry, but I’ll save that for another couple of days!

So my frugal grocery suggestion is look for groceries in unexpected places!

Today’s email from Mrs. F was about friendships and frugality. This is an area where I struggle. Many of my friends like to go out to eat. I like to go out to eat! And it seems particularly tempting to go out to eat with said friends when I am about to move all the way across the country.

That said, I don’t want to throw all my friends under the bus here. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with one to learn some computer coding and hang out. Frugal and skill building at the same time! I’ll probably bring over the rest of the pesto and loaf of bread from tonight to snack on. My friends are often content to sit around, or go for a walk, or drink wine and gossip. All activities that are fairly frugal, especially when the drinking happens in our own homes.

So I suppose my challenge with my tempting friends is to suggest inexpensive alternatives–a hike, a picnic, etc. It seems like it should be easier than it feels! But, I also thought I needed a new dress for the wedding this past weekend, and look how nicely that turned out.

And nearly all of my friends like to come over and eat my bread. So, there’s that. dinner 711

A quote from one of my favorite books (Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding FYI) goes, “No one is thinking about you. They’re thinking about themselves, just like you.” I think it could be expanded to say, “No one is thinking about your money. They’re thinking about their money, just like you.” And actually, it could also be added (and probably has been somewhere), “No one is thinking about your money except you.” Not your friends. Not really your family. Just you.

A little scary and a little empowering, isn’t it?

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  1. Great looking entree. Makes me hungry for my tomatoes, probably a month away. Per friendship, did that network of friends empower and support you as you made those huge strides at work that you wrote about?Tell them how valuable they have been as you make this move. Leave them stronger.

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