#UFM Day 3


The wonderful fruit, but not so wonderful this time

First, a tip I learned yesterday: don’t write and cook at the same time. I scalded two pots. One of them I cleaned last night and one of them is still waiting for me, pasted with baking soda. Also, the beans still came out crunchy.  Oh well. Throw a couple of spoonfuls of salsa on top and it still tastes okay.

Today I spent nothing. I looked at AirBnBs but committed to none. Per today’s action item, I’ll wait until Thursday before I book–a 72 hour hold on purchases. For me, it’s not so much about the willpower to wait as it is about trusting that there will still be options when I get around to it. Barcelona is a big city–there are plenty of places to stay.

I worked most of the day. At least, I was at work most of the day, and I did some work related things. I cleaned my desk. I found a carabiner to replace the one on my key ring that broke. I biked. I hung out with friends and began learning a new skill (shout-out to Page, a great teacher who reads this blog). It was a good day for remembering that it can be normal not to spend money, not to get coffee or go out or order something online. It can be a full and satisfying day without all that. Which seems like something I shouldn’t need reminding, but I’m glad to be reminded anyway.

Today’s mantra: I have the willpower to wait!

Today’s action: Enact the 72 hour waiting period starting today and running for the rest of the month.


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