June Gratitude

2017 has been a great year so far, even if I have been mostly absent from this blog (not the great part). Let me count the ways:

1. Work: I took on a new role at work, which, while being incredibly stressful and time consuming, has also been fairly enjoyable. I’ve gotten to spend a bit more time directly with girls (my passion) and had the chance to work with a new group of people. I’ve been consistently praised for my work this year, which is satisfying. I have a hard time feeling successful when I’m new at something so it is nice to hear positive reactions. Right now, I’m in the midst of planning next year’s events and activities, which is fun because I can be creative and build the kind of events I would want to do, instead of just delivering on what was already promised.

2. Changes: My man and I are moving! Yes, this is a little sad because I won’t actually get to see the events I’m planning come to fruition, but it’s also exciting. San Diego was beginning to feel like an enormous waiting room, and I’m excited (and anxious) to be moving on to the next thing. We’ll be going to the opposite side of the country so I’m also excited for all the differences (mostly snow and less expensive cost of living).

3. Writing: An essay I wrote won second place in a writing contest! I thought it would be published, but it won’t be and that’s disappointing, but second place is great! And second place paid $75! This is the first time I’ve ever been paid for something I’ve written.

4. Travel: I’m headed to Barcelona in September. After the man and I move, I’m taking a week and going to visit a friend in the city while she celebrates her ten-year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to imagine where I’ll be in ten years. But in two months, I’ll be taking Spanish classes and wandering the streets looking for Gaudi.

5. Love: My man is back! We lived apart from September (just after we married) until May when his year of teaching ended. While we were lucky enough to visit each other often, it was hard to be apart, and I definitely noticed a change in my energy and mood while we were apart. Now that he’s here again, I feel calmer, I sleep better, and I’m actually waking up in the mornings to do things again, even if it’s just getting up to make coffee and then coming back to cuddle or look at our phones together. It was hard to know what to wake up for when he was gone. I’m glad that it’s over, but the experience also reaffirmed how important he is to me.

What inspired this post? My man and I had a short conversation about the future, what

hk may

HK is also one of the good.

we’re doing for the next year and also what we want to be doing in ten years. Sometimes those conversations are inspiring, this time it was depressing. I began to wonder what I’ve been doing with my time, especially in the last six months, especially since it hasn’t been writing here or anywhere else for that matter (it has been spending plenty of money though). I feel like I had a lot of great ideas in December and January and then… nothing happened. I started spiraling and then I read Leo’s first Zen Habits post, which is a gratitude list. So I tried it. And I feel better. There have been plenty of not great things about 2017 as well, and it’s easy to focus on them, but I feel better when I remember the good.

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  1. Congrats to both of you on your productive year, and the upcoming new jobs. Surviving the stresses of separation as a couple is quite an accomplishment. A good omen that while you will face challenges, you guys are a pair to bet on?

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