Days 24-27 and Priorities

Day 24 – $4.80: apples and flours or something, last minute T-day stuff
Day 25 & 26: nothing
Day 27-$14.58: lunch at The Meraki Cafe for the SD NOW brainstorming session

The San Diego chapter of NOW brainstorming session was great. The sandwich I ate at the cafe was outstanding. Definitely the best $15 bucks I’ve spent this month on food and drinks out. And that’s interesting to me, because this month I spent $132 on food and drinks out. Now, some of that was being in New York, but is that really an excuse? Were those meals as high quality as this little sandwich and coffee? Would it have been any less satisfying to eat a few of those meals in my man’s studio apartment?

I set out this month with the goal of not. spending. anything. And that… did not work. There are things that I have to spend money on! And there are things that I want to spend money on! Like the many dishes I made for Thanksgiving or today’s brunch.Or a couple of my morning coffee’s in New York.

But… the vending machine at work? Probably not. The three trips to Starbucks? Maybe one of them was worthwhile.

Maybe a better option, for December, would be to prioritize instead of reject all spending entirely. To prioritize things like submissions to literary magazines, or a nice meal with the man while he’s home. Or fully funding my retirement and house savings accounts. And perhaps remembering those priorities would help me to remember what I really want, what really comforts me. Not a Starbucks latte. Not another gift. I know Christmas is coming, but fam-bam I have already bought most of your gifts and I need to remember that!

Hmm. Probably more thoughts than I should have after a healthy glass of wine, but maybe my next post will be about my priorities for December.


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