Day 6: Spending time

I spent nothing today, nothing, except my time that is. My time with girls–ten wonderful young women from around the county, women I would put up against any other delegation of girls (boys don’t stand a chance) in the country. Not that it’s a competition.

In return, I got a lighter heart and a heavier mind. I got a brighter vision for our world, and a heavier responsibility to make the world good for them. I got the challenge of challenging them, broadening their minds, for the low-low payment plan of one afternoon a month. I look forward to it. There is no time better spent than time with these girls.

I got thank yous from parents as they picked up and dropped off, instead of the complaining phone calls that are my usual interactions with girls’ parents (not these girls). I got three trays of salad fixings, which now means instead of being under-prepared for food this week, I have an issue of overabundance. I will be eating very healthily in advance of my New York weekend. That, in and of itself, feels like a blessing from this weekend. These girls feed me (or their mothers do) and not just my soul.

I used to call this blog “misspending my youth.” I started it, oh god, almost four years ago now, back when I still thought of myself as a youth (cue eye roll from my mother and aunts). I worked for a law office, I had student loans. It certainly felt like I was misspending my youth.

These days, I don’t wonder about misspending my youth. These girls are my youth. And there’s no way that time, money and effort spent on them is misspent. The question that comes to mind now is not, “am I misspending my youth?” but “how could I spend my time differently so that I could spend more of it on them?”

They say the best things in life are free. I say, yes, but more specifically, the best things in life are extraordinary young women. I guess I also mean me.

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