Day 4: Ugh, TGIF (but also more work)

There hasn’t been spending yet, but there will be.

Today at work I facilitated a workshop with another coworker and two volunteers that took up most of the day, but was really successful and well received. It was stressful to plan and execute, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m also exhausted! My coworker and I got a beer afterwards, which I was expecting to pay for, but which she generously picked up. I will get the next one, and am grateful to work with people I like to get beers with.

Tonight’s other spending will be dinner with another coworker/work-bestie/regular-life-bestie because we haven’t hung out much outside of work lately and also… because we’re holding an overnight tomorrow that we still need to put the final details on. And obviously we couldn’t work on  it today during actual work because I was running a workshop. And it’s just too much to think of trying to continue to work on work stuff (fun stuff! but still work stuff) and also put together dinner, and also show up at work tomorrow unless we get some yummy Thai food as well.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but I don’t mean to be. Of all the ways I can spend my work time,I prefer hosting workshops and overnights more than anything else. The past few days (or the past two weeks…) I’ve been pretty grumpy about work. I’m managing an event I don’t really like right now that doesn’t culminate in any girl contact for me at all, as well as handling some conflicts that I’d rather not, and on top of it all, I’m missing my man. For two weeks now, I’ve felt over committed and under prepared,so much so that personal care falls to the wayside, and that when I finally return to it, I am shocked to find out how much better I feel after a run and a shower (my coworkers probably appreciate it too). Last week, I vowed to remember, and this week… I vowed the same thing. Guess it takes a little while to sink in.

On the plus side, I have a hard time envisioning much extra spending this weekend?

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