Sickness and Spending

For the past week, I’ve been walking the line of sickness–sometimes leaning over onto the headachey, sore-throaty, warm-facey side and sometimes pulling myself back to the energetic, enthusiastic, a-little-too-proud-of-myself-for-not-being-sick side. This morning feels like I am balanced right in the middle. I am a little headachey, but not warm, and I have my cup of ginger tea to promote my well-being. I’m tempted to go running this afternoon (it’s in the plan!) but also afraid of pushing myself and feeling miserable all next week.

Yesterday, I felt solidly well. I biked to work, I got a lot done, I learned some things. I felt so good that I had two margaritas at a post-work happy hour. I’m currently blaming those margaritas for my less than perfect health today, but I was feeling really good at the time. I was feeling so good, in fact, that after happy hour I bought presents. Not for me, but for some friends and family, and not for no-reason, but to be saved for the upcoming birthdays and Christmases. It wasn’t much, but it didn’t have to be done yesterday, but it did have to be done eventually so I’m not feeling too bad. Later in the evening, the hot-faced, headachey feeling came back, and well, here we are. You may also notice that this blog is a day later than intended. That’s what happens when you feel both really good and really bad in one day. You get forgetful.

All week, it’s been tempting to say, “I’m not as sick as her, so I shouldn’t be staying home,” or “I’m not feeling that bad, I should definitely be running.” And while I don’t think we should all push our limits, I also know that’s not a problem for me. If I’m feeling sick, I should believe me even if I don’t think I’m “sick enough.”

So with all that said, I’m going to end this blog quickly and get back to resting and knitting. May your weekend be filled with rest and recovery, even if you don’t feel the tiniest bit sick!

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