Stock Up

For years, when a recipe has called for vegetable broth, I have substituted plain water. Vegetable broth from the store is expensive. Occasionally I have used bouillon cubes, but it’s hard to find vegetable ones and they are quite salty. Plus, I am lazy and I don’t like to mix them into water, I just add them directly to whatever I’m cooking and this seems ineffective.

Well no more!

Being in the habit of composting my fruit and vegetables, when my man left, I started separating the fruit and vegetable peels so that I try my hand at vegetable stock. I quickly ended up with far more supply than I needed. What can I say? I eat a lot of vegetables. So last night, I chopped two onions, three carrots and some celery (the base of the stock) and added several heaping cups of potato ends, kale stalks, and lettuce ends to my stock pot. All in all, I made about ten to twelve cups of stock, and I still have plenty of produce (or rotting vegetables my man would erroneously assert if he was reading this) left over, but lacking more containers, I’m just going to take it the compost at work.

What do I have to say about this: I can’t believe I’ve never made stock before! It’s easy! It’s cheap because it’s using vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away (and are still going to the compost bin in the end, so no waste). And it tastes pretty good! In future, I will separate out the cabbage, as I found that made it a bit bitter, but all in all, I’m inordinately pleased with myself for figuring out something that my grandparents and apparently all of the internet already knew!

And speaking of stocking up, the other main occupant of my freezer this week is seven pounds of frozen strawberries! They are absurdly cheap at the Asian market where I buy my vegetables for the last two weeks, 59 cents a pound! At every other grocery store I visit, strawberries cost at least two dollars more! So I ended up buying nine pounds, which seems like a lot of strawberries, but to be honest, I wish I had bought more. There’s no beating a good price, but there is a limit to my freezer space.

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