August Spending

Well, it’s happened again, as they used to say on Car Talk. We’ve come to the end of another month, and the beginning of a new one. I’m glad it’s September, because after September comes October, and by this time next month I’ll be almost with my man in Ohio. And that will feel pretty darn good.

But in the meantime, let’s do the numbers!

Income: $2,855
Expenses: $1,981
Net: $874

This feels pretty good. I’d love to see if I could net a thousand some month, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I was able to set aside $250 to my IRA (on top of work contributions) and $250 to joint account with the man for a house. The other $374 is padding my budget for future expenses (hello travel! hello oil change!)

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty spending breakdown:

  • I spent the usual $600 on rent and utilities this month. This will go up to $1,000 in September as I pay for the whole cost of rent + utilities. (Why isn’t it exactly double? The man and I put some money in  our joint account towards apartment expenses and shared restaurant meals, which I won’t be doing now).
  • $201 on groceries. This shocks me, because I remember months of paying $250 or $300 on food, but it turns out it’s only six dollars less than my average for the year. That’s the power of data! (Also a reminder not to get excited by what ‘feels like’ less spending, but actually look at the numbers).
  • $61 on gas. Nothing to say here
  • $250 on health care/medication. Whew! That’s a doozy! That’s a new pair of glasses and a year’s worth of contacts though, so it shouldn’t be a repeated expense (until next year that is…)
  • Phone: $28.

Those are the “needs” as I count them. Now to the wants:

  • $425: writer’s class that starts next week. I’ve been really failing at my writing (maybe trying to do too much at one time) and I’m hoping this will help me focus on it.
  • YMCA membership: $90. Two payments in one month. Weird. None last month though.
  • Weddings: $290. Checks getting cleared. Tickets being bought.
  • Car Insurance: $10 (It’s the renewal month, so everything extra I’ve been paying over the year gets carried into this month. Normally it’s around $100).
  • $21: parking. Parking! This is absurd! Twenty of those dollars are for work though and will be reimbursed.
  • Food and drinks out: $38.04. We’re working on this, but in the past it’s been $75, $100 a month, or more, and that’s just not in the budget anymore.
  • Gifts: $86. This is high to me. I want to work on this. #SorryFriendsandFam #ScroogeMcDuck
  • Fun Money: $162.26 Aka “gifts to myself.” This includes my half marathon entry, and also an absurd number of cards and a new planner from the beginning of the month. It’s beautiful. I regret nothing. #FredScrooge
  • $53: Political contributions. I’ve decided to give my time now, so the well is dry! Until some orange puffball decides to say something even more ridiculous than he already has.

Overall? I feel like this is a pretty good start. $874 is no slouch, and I hope I can keep it up. I hope to reduce my “fun money” slush fund this month since the writing and the political action should keep me properly distracted (and hopefully feeling invigorated and renewed, but maybe I need to look to other areas of my life for that). I’m going to try to match what I was able to do in August in September, but I’m trying not to get too attached to the numbers. #Goals. #LifeLessons.

Cheers to a long weekend and a new month!

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