A look back and a look forward

This was the first week that my Man was gone. The first few days have been rough, but I think I’ve settled in again. The cat seems to love me more, or maybe it’s that I’m even more desperate for her love now that he’s gone. The mornings have been more cloudy, the first sign that our endless southern California summer is shifting (almost imperceptibly) towards fall/winter.

It was a heavy work week. Our major volunteer conference and celebration was yesterday at the San Diego Convention Center, and I worked late on Thursday to help my coworkers get ready for it. For my part, I mostly ignored the session I was running until a few days before, and I felt the difference in my presentation. It was good enough–competent, but not my best work. Fortunately, there are no academy awards of conference presentations, and the feedback I received was positive. Still, the rest of the work to prepare for the conference kept me busy enough, and distracted enough to forget to blog on Friday.

The stress also showed up in the form of birthday cake oreos, a couple of trips to Starbucks, and dinner with a good work friend and her fiance after a stressful day. It was needed, and I’m not sweating the “break” from my “spending fast” (have I even really started yet?).

Good things came from this week too in the form of self-care. I started a new knitting Follow her on insta--@hkforpresidentproject to use up some of the yarn in my yarn box, and I’ve learned some new skills and gained some additional knitting confidence. I drank wine with good friends on Wednesday, something that will become a regular tradition, I hope. I’ve gotten fairly good sleep, and I’ve tried to spend time with the cat as much as possible. It seems like she wants to spend time with me too.

But I’m worn out from this weekend, and I know the slog will continue as we move from August to September and work picks up again. So this week, I want to take better care of myself, especially in the food department. This afternoon (after a long nap) I made a delicious kale and potato salad, based on this recipe from Angela Liddon, one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to eating it over the next few days, and then moving on to more salad in other forms. I bought some cherry heirloom tomatoes that I can’t wait to eat with a little balsamic vinegar.

And I want to take care of my mind/spirit this week. I’m committed to writing at least ten minutes every day to get back into the habit after missing out for a few weeks, and hopefully to prepare for my class that will start in a few weeks. I’d like to get back to a little bit of meditation each day and some Spanish practice, which fell off this weekend as work took over.

Tonight I’m having dinner with friends, something I hope to do regularly as they take pity on me in my single state and feed me the best peanut sauce known to womankind. Then it’s off to bed, getting set for another full week ahead.

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