Free Ways to Entertain Myself While the Man is Gone

Not that I couldn’t do these things if he was here, but just that I need some more ideas now that he’s not because otherwise I’ll just end up obsessively cleaning the apartment over and over again (it’s already begun).

  • Knit this whole box of yarn.yarn
  • Binge listen to podcasts.
  • Learn to handstand.
  • Write (duh).
  • Learn Spanish (claro).
  • Drink wine on my patio. #winewednesday
  • Teach the cat Ukrainian (step 1: learn Ukrainian).
  • Meditate. Actually go to a meditation studio and practice with other people.
  • Read more books.
  • Wake up at sunrise.
  • Jump in the ocean.
  • Jump in the ocean at sunrise (would be more impressive if I was on the east coast…)
  • Spend a weekend using no electricity (this I probably couldn’t do if he was here. He would not be into this little experiment).
  • Figure out how to become youtube famous and then do that.
  • Explore the independent grocery stores in San Diego and find some new cuisines! This is technically not free, but I have to buy food anyway!
  • Perfect my audition tape for lip sync battle.
  • Dance Party. Pairs well with lip syncing.
  • Make a pillow fort (maybe during the weekend without electricity).
  • See how far I can walk in a day? Could I get to La Jolla? Could I get back? I guess that’s what Uber’s for.
  • Learn a new skill. Like cellphone photography. All the better for taking pictures of my cat.
  • Play the pushup game. Every time you think of pushups, you have to do a pushup. Just kidding, I will never play this game because I don’t know how you could stop thinking about pushups once you’ve started. I would literally always be thinking about the pushup I was doing and then I’d have to keep doing them until I collapsed. Maybe that’s the point?
  • Make more lists of free or cheap things I can do to fill up my time. Making lists is free!
  • Volunteer. #Idothisalready, but also already read and write and also try to learn Spanish, so I guess it belongs here. It is an inexpensive and highly entertaining thing to do.

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