Just to See

I’m trying to avoid setting any more resolutions or goals; I’ve got more than enough to occupy my energies, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying some new behaviors to see if they improve my happiness.

This week, I’ve tried not to use my computer in the evenings after work. When I’m tired, it’s tempting to veg out on the couch and read articles or browse the sites I like, even when there isn’t any content that’s adding value for me. So this week I just haven’t. Instead,

  • Monday, I was sick so I slept.
  • Tuesday, I walked, worked out and watched a movie with the Boy
  • Wednesday, I worked late, ran and did laundry
  • Thursday, I went ran and shopped for groceries
  • Friday, I cooked and invited friends over

I was most surprised that I had time to do laundry and get groceries during the week. Most of the time, those activities have to be relegated to the weekend because (I tell myself) I have no time.

Not being on the computer has helped me sleep better (at least I think it has) and it’s helped me be more ready in the mornings because I’ve used my time to get ready instead of look at Buzzfeed listicles or scroll Instagram (yep, trying to limit my phone screen time too).

The other thing I’m trying, since my nights have improved, is meditating in the mornings. I use the app, Happify, which has a guided meditation course. It only takes 8-10 minutes in the mornings and I think it makes a difference to have a few minutes to focus on my mind and thoughts. Even if it doesn’t actually do anything, it feels good and  I think that makes it worthwhile.

The reason I hesitate to call my meditation or my computer-free evenings a resolution or a habit is because I don’t want to make it into a rule that “I have to meditate every morning” or “I can’t ever use my computer after work.” The latter seems impractical and the former seems so rigid as to defeat the point.

So I’m in the “just trying” phase. I’m just seeing how it feels to meditate or to be on my computer less. The “real” resolutions are still the no-restaurants and no-drinking, which are going so fine it’s almost boring. But I think that “just trying” to use my time better in the evenings and meditate in the mornings may be the reason that not eating out is so easy and not drinking seems like a breeze.

Gotta go, Hillary is looking for a cuddle and the next chapter of Hamilton isn’t going to read itself.


One comment

  1. Your earlier post wanting having better quality social sessions with your friends and associates sounded like a step up in expectations. “Eating out” had become less satisfying, and used time and monetary resources. Sounds like you have had a good week exploring new ways to meet this step up.

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