Freaking Fabulous Friday

Yesterday almost seemed like it would be a non-fabulous Friday (do such things exist?). I woke up late and headachey because of the outrageous heat, then drove up north to work in one of our north county offices. Almost immediately after arriving, I lost a contact, so my vision was blurry and my headache increased, but I didn’t want to drive the half an hour back down to San Diego to get another contact, only to drive back north again, so I stuck it out for a few hours. I knocked out a few things that I needed to, and I basked in the air conditioning. I left early, intending to swing by the apartment before heading to our main headquarters for the big, annual fundraiser.

I didn’t realize that I had left a work laptop at the other office until I was already home. Since no one else was there, I turned around and drove back up and down again. At least I was able to see again.

So I was grouchy. I hadn’t gotten as much work done as I’d wanted, and I was feeling the pressure, plus I was about to work for another eight hours. That said, one of my coworkers had been having an even worse week, so I swung by Starbucks and picked us up two iced chai lattes (yep, my September game plan lasted less than a week). Then I parked in the neighborhood around council, the parking lot being occupied by fundraising activities, and headed back to work. I must have parked further away than I thought because I ended up having to hike through one of Balboa parks canyons to get to work, carrying my purse, my lunchsack, the laptop and two rapidly melting chai lattes, sweating profusely through my work clothes (what else is new?). My grumpiness reached new levels.

I finally got into the air conditioned (hallelujah!) and sucked back my own chai while madly trying to finish the budgets my boss had asked for before getting sucked into the fundraiser madness. But it turned out my boss had already gotten started on the budgets, and the remaining work took a matter of minutes. Whew! A weight off my shoulders! My colleague was extremely grateful for the iced chai and sorry to hear I’d had a rough day, which somehow made the day less rough. We jumped into event mode and had a fairly successful and mercifully smooth auction. I was home by midnight, tired and sweaty (it was still brutally hot), but grateful.

Grateful that I have good coworkers and I work for an organization I like, even when we’re doing my least favorite thing–raising the money.

Grateful that I have good friends at work and elsewhere.

Grateful for the Boy who remained calm in my tempest-in-a-teapot crisis as I worked half blind.

And grateful I think most of all that the next day would be Saturday. And here it is. I work tomorrow, but not yet. For today, I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, drank copious amounts of iced tea, and relaxed. The weather, still hot, feels slightly cooler, and I’m hopeful that one day we might feel something vaguely resembling fall.

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