HK Update

My father always said “cats are cheap” but HK wasn’t born yet, so it wasn’t his fault he was wrong.

HK went to the vet again today. She’s got a little spot on one of her back paws that won’t heal up, so she’s been on antibiotics, but they’re not helping so it was back to the vet. Now she has to wear a cone-of-shame and topical ointment twice a day. And she had her temperature taken anally. And she still has to take her pills. She’s had a rough day.

I have a confession: she’s not wearing the cone-of-shame. I can’t make her. She’s too miserable. She hates it. She hides in the corner. She walks backward when she’s not hiding in the corner. So as long as she’s hanging out with me (and at the moment I can’t see the words I’m typing because she’s decided hanging out in between my arms is the best), she doesn’t have to wear the cone. I’m not sure how sleeping is going to go, or how she’ll deal with it when I’m at work tomorrow, but at least for now, no cone-of-shame.

Having a cat with a chronic condition (and being a natural neurotic who takes her cat to the vet more often than she’s a doctor herself) has made me realize that HK is always going to be a serious line-item in the budget, in a way I foolishly didn’t plan for when I picked her up at the shelter back in May. I knew pets were a commitment, but I didn’t realize how different it would be to have my own cat. I thought I’d already had cats because I grew up with them. I didn’t have cats. My parents had cats. I don’t think I understood what responsibility really feels like until I was physically, emotionally, and financially responsible for another life–her life. It’s sweeter and deeper and costlier than I anticipated, but mostly the first two.

And like my mechanic, I am grateful that I have a vet I trust, who is going to take care of HK even if it means prescribing a gold plated cone-of-shame.

In human news, I switched my health insurance (last day to do it if you’re on Covered California! Sorry if you’re too late!) so that maybe I can find a doctor as good as my vet and my mechanic. Otherwise, I’ll probably just start going to them for medical advice.

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