This is my present.

Whew! I am exhausted! Why you ask?  I just biked ten miles from my work to my home. **Brushes shoulder off** No big deal. Does anyone else feel that earthquake? Oh, it’s just my legs shaking.

I have been wanting to commute by bike forever. Basically since I stopped working for Girl Scouts and as a result, stopped biking to work. Then my bike was stolen, yadda yadda yadda, I bought a new one, time passed, inertia kept me in my car. Well no more! Today, I took the university shuttle up to campus and then biked the extra four miles to my job (up a fairly steep hill, I might add). Then this afternoon, I headed out on the open road (yes, I bought the bike lights).

It took about an hour to get home. Traffic was not particularly heavy, but cars seemed to go mighty fast. There were a couple more big hills. For one near the end of my route, I just got off the bike and marched up. One thought kept popping up, even as I was walking my shaking legs up the last hill: “this is my present.” I meant this is my gift to myself, my “fun” resolution for December to give myself a present everyday, but I realize I also meant “this is my present.” Now is now. Biking home, I wasn’t anywhere else–not still in the office, not already home and planning my evening. I was on the street, on my bike, looking over the bay at dusk, grinning because I could see the freeway where I’d normally be.

I felt it too on the shuttle this morning. I got up early, biked to the stop. I got a seat this time so I could watch the scenery pass. When I drive to work, my commute already feels like part of the job. I think about work or I try not to think about work. I think about my boss or what I’m going to do when I get home or what I’d rather be doing than driving in rush hour. On the shuttle, even though I was in the same rush hour traffic, I didn’t think about work. I looked around. I texted with my boyfriend. On the shuttle, my time was still mine.

This is my present. To be in the present.

Blog post? check.
Present? check.
Dinner? check.
Kisses? 3/4. 


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