Bad News: November Spending

November marks the end of my six month streak. For six months, my income has outpaced my spending, but not so in November. I am about $276 overspent at this point.

Ironic that the month I receive a raise is also the month I have less money than I did before, but not entirely unexpected. Sure, there was a very large car repair this month, but that alone would have been perfectly manageable. No, I overspent because I did not adjust to the extremely large car repair at the beginning of the month. I went out to eat or got coffee out 12 times, 3ish times a week all month. I bought two new pairs of shoes (granted, the old ones had holes).  I bought a twenty dollar notebook. I paid to upgrade my wordpress account. I bought a book.

Taken by themselves, none of these expenses set me over the edge (not even going out to eat three times a week), but in combination, I went over.

This was not a month of careful tracking, but even without it, I felt a little out of hand, like something wasn’t quite right. I was already thinking maybe I needed to cut back on my meals out (fun though they are and delicious though Plumeria is) and this confirms it. Making more money should mean I have more to save, not more to spend. I want December to be a month of enjoying what I have, not going out and seeking more.

(What is funny about this is that I was planning to go to the bike store and look at lights and panniers today. I guess that will be waiting).

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