A New Game

Remember when I said that August was the month of big purchases? Well it has carried over into September as well. 

To start, I foolishly signed up for a membership with The Clinton Foundation’s 2030 Initiative, their young people program, basically. Cost of membership? $230 annually (which is $10 cheaper than paying monthly). Yikes. It was a total impulse purchase too. There was an event in LA that I wanted to attend, but as it turns out I can’t, so the next one is possibly in November. It seems very unlikely that I’ll get my money’s worth on this membership, so the only consolation is that I love the Clinton Foundation, and it is 100% tax deductible. So. 

Second, I bought a bike yesterday (Bike thieves: if you are reading my blog, I hate you). It’s a beauty and I’m looking forward to biking to work hopefully for the first time on Friday (if I can get a helmet before then). Cost of the bike: $350. (Add a $43 bike lock, and it’s $393). I’m a big believer in bikes (though I wish I was a bigger rider of bikes), mostly because this seemed pretty true when I was biking to work at the GS. The bike is an investment. It’s just kind of a big one, and maybe a risky one (“what if I’m too lazy to ride to work?”). Expect updates. 

Third, I finally paid for my bridesmaid dress for H’s wedding because she asked for it. So there’s $128 that I owed and have now paid. Technically, I’d already saved the money for this dress, so actually transferring the money to H shouldn’t sting, but it does. 

Total for the first nine days of the month: a lovely $751, not including little things that don’t merit a whole blog post on their own, like the snacks I had to have at work yesterday (chips + chocolate), or the gas I purchased, or the groceries. 

The Clinton 2030 membership was a total impulse buy. The bicycle was half an impulse buy. I spent a day or so searching, and I asked a trusted friend for a recommendation, and then I bought what she recommended. Not much soul searching, definitely no budget searching. And I can’t have any more of these impulse purchases this month, which brings me to my new game. 

For the rest of the month, every purchase requires a 48 hour wait time. Every purchase. Grocery lists are to be made in advance. Gas is to be anticipated. “Hmm, quarter of a tank? Will probably need to purchase gas within 2-3 days, make a note.” There is nothing that really can’t wait two days (knock on wood… prove me wrong, September, I dare you). 

Here’s my current anticipated purchases list so far:
-dinner tomorrow for the GS group I volunteer with (to be reimbursed)
-rent on Friday
-health Insurance toward the end of the month
-birth control pills around the same time

There will be gas. There will be groceries. There will be derby. But how much and when remains to be seen. Not in the next two days, at least. 


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