Out of the hole in my pocket

Today I really wanted to go to my new favorite coffee shop, Krakatoa. I was hoping to go work there for awhile, but by the time I finished up at the office, it made more sense to just go home. Boyfriend had bought some muffins and I made a pot of tea, so theoretically it was the same thing… but it wasn’t. It was the frugal-pretty-good-not-quite-as-good alternative. 

Since it’s the last day of July and I know I need to balance my accounts now, I deposited a couple of last minute checks this afternoon, which led me past the bar across the street. So of course, since I wasn’t going to my favorite coffee shop, I wanted to go inside and have a glass of wine and a sandwich. I even saw one of my friends inside working! 

I resisted. I went home and kept working at my dining table, which is pretty great as far as dining tables go. When I finished working, I switched to looking at clothes online. There’s some nice stuff out there! Pretty dresses, adorable shoes, practical pants–stuff I could buy since I just deposited two checks (conveniently ignoring the bills that are literally piled up next to me). 

Still I resisted, kind of. I finally bought a new pair of glasses to replace the ones I had in high school (several prescriptions out of date). They were $95 and should get here in a couple of weeks. It was probably unnecessary; I’d been getting by without new glasses for the past eight years. Somehow glasses are harder to justify than a sandwich or a cup of coffee. 

I also wrote a check to my grandma for my car. Not a big check, smaller than I was hoping, but I still wrote it. $100 closer to paying off the car. 

I’m not paying the other bills sitting beside me yet. I’m waiting until tomorrow so that I can count them as part of August’s bills instead of July’s. I play these games with myself. But in case you were wondering, one is a $75 bill for my renter’s insurance and the other is my DMV renewal fee, $107. Theoretically, I might be able to write that off on my taxes if I ever figured out what an independent contractor can deduct. 

Not to mention the new tires I probably need to buy since I think mine are probably what my parents would call “bald.” I think they only have a receding hairline. It also doesn’t include the plane ticket’s home to H.’s wedding that I still need to purchase. Orr the check I still haven’t sent to H for the dress. 

I still want a sandwich or a glass of wine. I still have half an hour before Krakatoa closes. I know that Boyfriend and I are going out tomorrow, but that doesn’t really make a difference. Or that I’ll probably go out for happy hour with some friends next week. The money still wants to be spent. 

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