I made it through all of last week without stepping inside a Starbucks. I might even have made it without stepping inside any coffee shop at all, but I don’t remember that for certain. I brought my lunch (and usually my breakfast) to work everyday, so there was no need to sneak out somewhere for a snack. The skills are coming back slowly.

This week will be a little different. For one thing, derbs took up all weekend, so grocery shopping and a big casserole didn’t happen. I’ve made it so far, and I think I can survive on various pasta/vegetable combinations without too much trouble. This weekend I am going to a conference for work, which will be interesting and might lead to some unusual spending (like a random coffee shop, or an impulse buy–I know nothing about orange county so I don’t know what to expect) but I’m hoping I can avoid it.

This week’s challenge (since spending is semi-manageable) is to get back to a morning routine that includes some writing. Or an evening routine. Or really anytime. Just some writing. A little haiku here and there. I missed today (sleeping in a warm bed is too nice), but tomorrow is only a few hours away. Maybe by saying it here, I will actually make it so.


    1. Hah, well it hasn’t helped much this week, but I suppose that means I can just write a post on “failure” as well.

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