Back to Basics: Saving

Used to be, even when I was working part time and making no money, that I would put 10% of each paycheck into my savings account. It might have been only $30 or $40 bucks at  time, but it added up because I did it religiously the same day my check was deposited. I used to pay my car loan the same way: a check and a nice letter to my grandmother on payday. I guess it was because I wanted to make sure I was being responsible even when I was making so little. I knew how quickly that $40 would get spent unless I purposefully set it aside immediately.

I haven’t been as careful the last few months, probably because life has been just plain crazy and hard, though it has gotten much easier financially. My car payments became sporadic, savings became nonexistent (especially after I left G.S. and the automatic 2% deduction to an I.R.A. ceased), and H.’s wedding fund hasn’t seen a penny in months.

But I’m coming back around. I totaled my May income and expenses last weekend, and today I wrote a check for my car payment, along with the nice letter. I transferred 10% of last month’s income to my savings account, and $100 to H.’s wedding fund. I’m hoping that wedding fund will still have something in it after the wedding, but I’m not counting on it. It would be a nice surprise.

I’m surprised at how long its taking me to recover from all the changes: big conversation with the BF, new job, new derby responsibilities, new kitten. I’ve been sick for the last three weeks, and it just hit me today that maybe this is my body’s way of saying: take it easy on me. I can’t handle so much right now. Oh yeah, I’m still rebuilding.

Caring about my finances is just starting to come back. Blogging is just starting to come back. Poetry…well, maybe next week. Exercise (outside of derby)… maybe once this cold is kicked.

I stayed home from work today, didn’t make it through practice yesterday, but at least today I saved something.

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