April Checkin

I set out today with the intention of balancing my accounts. I figured if I did it more often, I wouldn’t be so off base (~30-40 dollars) at the end of each month. But I didn’t really get that far. Instead, I got far enough to know that I spent not-quite twice what I’ve earned so far this month. The usual suspects are involved: a carried over car payment, health and car insurance being wonky, rent, etc. People often say to watch out for the “latte” factor, but it isn’t the occasional cup of tea for $2.50 that’s really killing me. It’s the stuff I can’t get by without—insurance, rent. And I’m not saying that I don’t want those things (after tonight’s practice, I’m definitely glad to have insurance even if I don’t need to use it) but I am saying that those are the things that will push me into the red this month—not lattes, not even my last outrageous grocery bender.

And it is times like these when I wonder, doubt even, about my usual anti-consumerist screeds. I don’t really believe that my consumption is the problem here (though realistically I didn’t need both bottles of wine, if we want to get technical). The real problem is that I work part-time for low pay. So maybe what I need to do (instead of beating myself up over lattes) is remember the real enemy: low wages, and focus my energy on fixing that problem instead.


  1. 1. Thank you for writing posts that make me google word definitions. I truly find delight in reading something that adds to my vocabulary.

    2. Thank you for being nice to me tonight and speaking up when I didn’t want to repeat for the 50th time that I wasn’t injured, but was still sitting on that bench. Hanging out with you was/is really pleasant.

  2. In line with your goal of changing the low wages, have you had someone familiar with your work experience since college graduation review your resume? Are you highlighting the new experiences and skills you have added, including the unpaid work like the daily blog? Have you offered to do a presentation on financial empowerment at the conference you are attending? The times you describe yourself as boring (grocery blog) suggest to me that you could be overlooking and not identifying some of the important skills that employers need and you have. I’m not quick and witty, but do recognize talent. bj.

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