Perfect days like today

There are days, today was one of them, when life seems absolutely perfect. My day began with poetry, the workshop I take met this morning, warmed up our brains. A quick lunch (goat cheese, crackers, grapes) and I carried on with more poetry before switching to job applications. I didn’t intend to, but after awhile the poem I was working on slowed down, and I found myself on a job website looking at postings. It didn’t feel like a chore, just something I was interested in at the time.

I think I could be content like this (I can imagine it anyway, not sure if it would play out well on a regular basis) with a little talking in the morning, then a little writing, a tiny bit of something responsible mid-afternoon, and then a walk with my friend. I forgot about trying to “be an adult” today. I didn’t worry too much about impressing someone, even as I was writing a cover letter. I felt easy and relaxed, not pressured to find an answer right away.

Tomorrow is set up to be similar. A little writing in the morning, then maybe a trip to the beach. I’d like to see the ocean, maybe get a little bit of sun. It’s a good way of being, this present-in-the-moment thing. I don’t expect it to last forever (maybe not even the rest of the night), but I’ll try to enjoy it while I have it. Maybe this way when everything seems high pressure and stressful later, I’ll have something to fall back on this way—the memory of a good class, a good walk, a day at the beach. Maybe this is what Julia Cameron means when she talks about filling the well.

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