I love camp. If I could work at camp for the rest of my life, I would probably be pretty happy (if only because I would only be working three months a year). I worked more hours today than I usually do, and it took a lot for me to tear myself away from my campers to take my ten minute breaks or eat lunch. They’re just so much fun!

I have heard nothing from Dream Job. It is only Monday, I keep reminding myself, but it is also possible, I will not hear anything from them ever. I am trying to accept that fact. This has not prevented me from dreaming about what I would buy if I suddenly had a dreamy new full-time salary. For example, I might buy flowers at the stand down the street, get a massage, buy dinner at the Spanish or Moroccan restaurant I’ve been interested in trying. I might get Thai for lunch, or a pedicure. Or a haircut. Basically, I walked down a street in my neighborhood and thought “I want that, I want that, I want that…” Wishes like this, before I even have a callback, are a good way to never see a penny of any increased revenue. But it’s hard to avoid.

I’ll calm down/give up by the end of the week, and go back to dreaming about winning the Powerball instead.

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