In Praise of Parks

I don’t have much to say about money right now. It’s time to tally up the end of March, but instead I’m going to talk about… something else.


I love parks. They’re great (free! mostly) places to hang out. Want to hang out with a friend but don’t want to pay for happy hour? Go to a park! I guarantee you will have a happy hour (unless your friend is terrible, in which case I can’t help you). Want to have something to eat or drink (you can drink anything as long as you drink decorously)? Go for it! Picnics are cheaper and more fun than lunch in a restaurant. Plus, you can bring whatever you want—a five course meal, cheese and crackers, only strawberries, coffee and a muffin.

Since the start of picnic season (after the last rainy bit of February ended), I’ve been picnicking in Balboa Park twice, which is my favorite park to hang out in here. It is grassy instead of sandy and it is close to where I live. But, there are alternative options. Mission Beach is a nice beach/park combination, but it’s crowded and less convenient for where I am (also, I think it is less picturesque). I like Imperial Beach. I also like the little parks in Mission Hills to hang out in, especially for a shorter period of time. It’s great to grab a coffee and have some me-time instead of making the trip to somewhere bigger.

If you don’t live in beautiful southern California, I think it is even more important to take advantage of park time and picnic season because you won’t want to in the middle of December.

The other great thing about parks: parks are public (mostly). They are places where people can congregate and enjoy themselves without having to pay an entrance fee (mostly). They’re for all of us. Take advantage of your parks. Support them. Use them. More and more government services are becoming privatized, and I dread the day when our parks become one of them.

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