The application is submitted. There is nothing else to do except check my email… obsessively… every ten minutes. That’s not true; with my parents in town I am actually doing very little thinking about it now that I’ve turned it in. Before then, well, we had some quality time around the monitor.

This just goes to show how much I have going on in my life, but the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster. On Sunday and Monday, I was still despondent—what was there for me besides what I already have? Monday night rolls around, and it’s like the world tilted in the other direction on its axis. All my energy and attention went into crafting this application, contacting my network, thinking about how to word each sentence, gushing about how amazing this job is and how surprising that it’s come along now. If you are the hoping/praying type, hope for me.

I submitted the application, sent me resume to my friend’s contact, and now there’s nothing else I can do except wait and hope and think about it. I’m trying not to think about it now that there’s nothing else I can do, but it is tough not to ruminate. I wonder when they’ll call me, if they’ll cll me. I daydream interview questions (and let’s be real: what business clothes I’ll get to wear if I get it). I think about how good it would feel, and also how awful I will feel immediately after the interview, no matter how it goes. If I get an interview.

But I’m still dreaming. Still dreaming and having trouble sleeping. I need them to call me so that I can get a regular night’s sleep again.

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  1. I pretend online shop for scrubs. Let me be clear: have not actually gotten into nursing school yet.

    …but I may have tried some on and briefly, oh so briefly, considered just buying some now….for the future of course…be prepared and all….*cough cough*

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