Julia Cameron talks about the concept of synchronicity a lot in The Artist’s Way, but it isn’t something I’ve put much stock in before the last two days. Synchronicity is, in her words, “the fortuitous intermeshing of events” and the last two days have seemed to be completely synchronous.

To start, yesterday I went for a walk with my good friend. Among other topics, we talked about my career woes and my friend verbalized something that I’ve been starting to feel for a few weeks: I need to apply to new jobs. Much as I respect and value the organization that I work for, I need to be looking at what else is out there. We talked about it a little more, I bemoaned the fact that I haven’t seen anything good posted lately, and she asked what I was interested in. Facilitation and support work, I said. Women’s issues. Writing. I want to be challenged; I don’t want to be bored. You need a new job, she said. But where? I despaired.

That night, I was writing, having skipped book club because my parents were flying in, and I stopped to check one of the job boards. I’d looked at it that morning and seen nothing, so I wasn’t expecting much; it was just habit.
I clicked on one category and nearly choked. There was the job I was looking for. Right there at the top of the list, posted only this afternoon. This job has everything I’ve been saying I wanted. It’s full time. It’s adult. It’s support. It’s writing. It’s women. My heart starts racing just thinking about it—I have a total, head over heels job-crush. I’m seeing stars.

Importantly, it also feels attainable. It doesn’t feel easy, I can practically feel my body stretching up to reach it. It’s not a CEO or Director position that I don’t have a chance at for another ten years. It could be me. I could do this job.

I wrote a cover letter and a resume immediately. I’m planning to send them in first thing tomorrow, maybe even tonight (be still my heart!). It just seemed so impossible that the very day I knew for sure (and said out loud) that I really needed something new and really good, that this would fall into my lap as if by magic. (And I know, it’s not magic—it’s luck and coincidence and good timing, but if I could have a few more lucky coincidences, I would really appreciate it). If this is synchronicity, I don’t know what is.

My friend also made the wise suggestion to see if I have any friends who might know someone, so I emailed a derby friend who works in the same area, and I took a chance and texted one of the women I worked with at camp last summer. She’s a college student and has grown up in San Diego. I figured it was a long shot, but that I’d try. Turns out—she knows one of the founding members. Be still, you beating heart!

This is still a long shot. There is still a part of me (the one that keeps shouting about my heart) that’s trying to get my hopes back down to a normal level. There’s a part of me that is preparing for crushing defeat. But it’s not working. I feel excited, energized, undefeatable. If nothing else, if no one calls me and I don’t even get an interview, at least I have hope. If this job was out there, other jobs will be out there too. (But really Universe, I’m begging for this one).

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