Three things that make work great.

I just got home from working, having been gone for twelve + hours today. I feel pretty good. I feel energized, happy about what I accomplished today, and ready to face tomorrow. I haven’t had a lot of really positive posts lately (sorry, readers), so I’m trying to notice more good things about my work. I came up with three things tonight.

Great people. This is probably the number 1 biggest thing that makes or breaks work for me. Getting to be around people I like and respect makes a huge difference. Even if we’re doing something really shitty and boring that I disagree with (that didn’t happen today, for the record), being around someone I enjoy makes even the worst tasks manageable. I have some great coworkers, and today I got to work closely with some of them. That made today really good.

Time to complete tasks. Lately I’ve felt like I’m rushing from one thing to another with no time to breathe or think in between, let alone silly things like using the restroom or eating lunch. Today I finally felt like I had the time to do what I needed. I even had the time to follow up on a couple of ongoing tasks that I’ve been neglecting (and then worrying about). There are still things I didn’t get to do, but I’m feeling better about what I accomplished, not panicked about what I didn’t.

A little bit of pressure. There was a time crunch involving traffic, picking up food, and making it back in time. There was a meeting with the CEO. It wasn’t a lot of pressure, not like a high speed car chase, but it was enough to keep things interesting, to make everything matter a little bit more. I like a little pressure. It adds some energy, forces me to up my game ever so slightly, and I work better because of it.

Things that also help: doing what I love, and watching girls be great.

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