Yesterday I wrote about procrastinating on my taxes. Later I talked to my father and he told me to stop avoiding it.

“You realize you’ll get a refund,” he said. Nuh-uh I said, because last year I didn’t get a refund and our tax guy said it was because I worked too many different jobs (or something). This year I worked the same number of jobs, ergo, no refund and no reason to rush into filing.

Well, I couldn’t sleep this morning so I got up and started doing my taxes. In case you were wondering, not making a lot of money makes filing taxes pretty simple, actually. I need to confirm a couple of things before I submit the final version, but I should have a pretty hefty refund coming my way.

So of course, I’m already planning how to spend it. I’ll probably get a Poetry subscription, and then put the rest toward my car. That seems like the mature, responsible, and boring thing to do. I thought about putting half toward my car and half toward my emergency fund, but it isn’t a hefty enough refund to really make a dent in both goals, so I’ve chosen one.

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