Monday Check-in

I did a pretty great estimate for this weekend, but mostly by accident. I ended up spending $22.34 on groceries on Friday night, spent nothing on Saturday as expected, nothing on Sunday (hooray family time), and nothing today. I was originally going to derby which would have cost $10, but I got sick on the drive back from Grandma time, so I skipped it.

I estimate spending pretty regularly (because of The Billfold like I said previously) but I’ve never really estimated income, normally because it is so steady. But since it is so limited, I can see how estimating my income would be useful. This week I’ve sold plasma once (+$25) and I plan to sell it again on Friday probably (+$30). This week, I also have an evening workshop on Thursday where I should earn +$50. So if all goes according to plan this week, I should earn $105 on top of what I make with the G.S. Sure, $55 is already ear-marked for H.’s wedding, but a girl can count, can’t she? The G.S. pays next week, so as long as nothing crazy happens and I keep my spending moderate, I should end up ahead for the month of February. And maybe if I can end up ahead in February, I can get back on track with my writing and blogging next.

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