Weekend Estimate

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! I succumbed to the chocolate monster at work and had some candy. So we begin the no-sugar challenge once again, for the 23085019458-blargh-th time.

The Billfold, which I used to read regularly, and now attempt to avoid (reading is a definite sign that I am procrastinating or have been on the internet too long), has a feature where everyone estimates their weekend spending in the comments. I like the idea of planning ahead, so I sometimes play along. Here’s what I have so far:
Tonight, Boyfriend and I are staying in, watching a movie and drinking beer. He’ll probably buy the beer, but I have to pick up some contact solutions and I have a lot of lettuce right now (literally, funny story) so I’ll probably pick up some fancy salad add-ins too, like almonds and cranberries. We’re not doing anything in particular for Valentine’s Day because I’ve been in a particularly Rage-Against-The-Man mood lately, and I don’t need Hallmark or Hollywood to tell me how or when to celebrate love. Tonight’s estimation: $15 tops.

Tomorrow, Boyfriend and I are having breakfast with Grandma and my aunt in the morning, which I’m guessing will be covered. I am working a derby game in the afternoon, so no spending for me. I’ll probably carpool with a friend, and this should get me out of going to the after-party. I feel guilty not going to the after-parties because they’re a good opportunity to socialize with fans and build a base, as well as a good chance to hang out with the league, but I also don’t have the budget for after-parties right now. I just don’t. I have a 0 party budget.

On Sunday, I might be going up to LA with Grandma, my aunt and uncle, but plans are not firmed up yet. If we don’t go to LA, I’ll hang out with them in some other context, which will likely be free or covered for me. Family is the best. Being the youngest family member present is particularly nice.

And since it is a three day weekend, I’ll throw in Monday’s plans too. If you’ve read the last two paragraphs, you can probably guess what is coming. Grandma time! We’re going to drive up the coast and hit up San Capistrano, and I don’t know what else my aunt has planned. The outlets? There is a slight, slight chance I might get something at the outlets (because why else would you go?) but usually I can avoid the shopping temptation. I’ll probably also sell my plasma on Monday morning, so theoretically I’ll earn some money. Then in the evening, $10 for roller derby practice.

Total weekend expenses: $25ish? Round it up to $40 in case I go for groceries some where in there, which is pretty unlikely. The larder is still stocked (because funny story some other time).

tl/dr: Grandma time! Derby time!

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