Excel Update

Normally, I update my spending on my excel document constantly. This month has been a little different. I didn’t even make an excel sheet for February until today, just noted my spending in my planner each day and let it go.

So I was a little nervous this morning when I finally went through and added up my spending for this month so far since we’re approximately halfway through the month now (today was also payday). I’ve already interacted with money 23 times this month, where I either spent or earned money, which averages to about two interactions per day, which is a little nutty to me since I’ve been feeling pretty broke lately. I’ve bought a fair amount of coffee, even gone out to eat and bought beer more than I was expecting to at the start of the month. I think that my “aw fuck it” attitude from January has been carrying over into this month, so I was expecting to see some red spending as well.

I was pleasantly surprise. Even though I haven’t been paying super close attention to my spending lately (there have been several $6.00+ coffee times this month, ridiculous!), I have spent about $200 less than I earned this month, a very different place than I was this time last month (I haven’t closely doublechecked this against my bank accounts though I did scan through them, so I could be off on this number). That’s a pretty big relief, and maybe I can let go of some guiltiness around my heavy coffee habit (but probably not). I’ve paid my rent for the month, but I am waiting for my car payment and health insurance to go through, so those may affect my end of month totals, though not by much.

It’s a relief to see some savings spelled out neatly in the excel chart, and I think it’s cured me of last month’s poor attitude. Now that I have a lead, I have something to work on, something to fight for. And now, that I’ve actually updated my chart, it’s written in very clear numbers. It’s measurable again. I still have one more pay day for February, so my goal for the month is to maintain the $200 lead that I have right now, and if possible, see it grow in the next two weeks. We shall see.

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