January Spending

Sometimes I don’t believe it, but this is still a money blog. Let’s do the numbers!

Somehow this month, I ended up with $45.27 in unaccounted income. I am not sure where this money came from since I record all of my income, but somehow, I have $45.27 more than I ought to based on my records. I won’t complain even if it is completely surprising.

I still ended up in the red this month, which should be no surprise to anyone. I’ve made peace with it, I guess (or I’m choosing not to look too closely). I spent $352.61 more than I earned this month, which isn’t how I wanted to start 2014, but it is an improvement over 2013.

Here are the breakdowns of the categories I track:
Food: $139.68
Alcohol: $106.72
Entertainment: $23.37
Car: $363.92
Derby: $137.50
Health: $86.87

This January was an unusual month (sure, that’s what they all say). Income was lower than average, and expenses were higher. A couple of factors played into this: some expenses (a fair amount of drinking) were carried over from December into January, there wa sa once-in-a-lifetime event, and of course, I just plain overspent. #personalresponsibility.

Notes for the future:

  • I only purchased one tank of gas this month! Hopefully I can continue this trend in February. Car expenses were a little higher than usual because I paid December’s insurance carried over into January (they didn’t withdraw the money until early Jan even though the bill was for Dec). Theoretically, car costs should go down next month.
  • Alcohol. Going out for a couple margaritas or a few beers after practice isn’t going to fly this month. Most of my alcohol spending was going out, and it shows in the final numbers.
  • I only imagine health costs going up. I need to buy glasses and contacts, and from here on out, I will be paying $40 something each month for health insurance.
  • Derby: it’s back, baby. Looking over last year’s spending, this month was a little high, but not unusually so. Yikes.

February is a short month, so I’ll be back here in a few weeks with the monthly numbers, and we’ll see whether these four predictions had any bearing on my actual spending.


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