Mission Accomplished

I know that I mentioned briefly that I interviewed with the Big Boss, but I didn’t get into details. Here’s how it all went down:

I turned in my application for the job on Thursday, fully expecting to be shut down by H.R. and not even see the Big Boss. But, when I turned in my app., H.R. seemed really excited about it. “They’re good fakers,” I thought, because I am a terrible, pessimistic person.
Later that day, my boss pulled me into her office and there was an H.R. rep.
“You have a meeting with the B.B. tomorrow at 10:30,” he said. I said something like “oh wow, great” and I could feel my eyes get huge. Exciting, scary, exciting.

That night I go to practice (because priorities), prep a little for the interview, and get to bed early-ish. Derby was awesome, as it has been lately, and that was the best prep I could have had.

Next day: full suit, straightened hair (let’s be honest: washed hair), morning meetings. I ducked out early, and headed to H.R. The CEO walks in a few minutes later and we go to her office.

Of course, we talk about derby first thing. I mean, derby is what got me into her office, so it’s not like I was going to leave it out. She’s an intense person, so this conversation involved a very detailed explanation, complete with diagrams. It was a great way to start.

We talked for awhile about what I’d been doing since college, and how I got to G.S. before she said in no uncertain terms, “I don’t see you in this position.” Not because I lacked the skills, she said, but because it would be a waste of my passion and talent, which is a pretty flattering thing to hear even if it means you’re not going to get the position. She also called me a thoroughbread and said that putting me in this position would be like hitching me to a cart. My first derby love being the Kentucky, I can’t really complain about that either.

I fought her on it briefly, arguing that I’d had support administrative positions before, but she knew, and the conversation turned again to where I could move next. We went through the entire directory, discussing who I know, what positions interested me, who would make a good mentor. She also gave me some advice about getting a well-rounded skill set, even if that means veering a little from my already established interests. More experience in other areas will make me a better director one day, whether here or somewhere else. She made a lot of good points.
I left the conversation feeling better than I think I would have if I’d gotten the job, because getting this position was never the goal. The goal was to get noticed, to get me on her radar. And I rocked that part. I told a friend about everything tonight, and she said this may be the best career decision I could have made.

So, I have no new announcements on the job front… yet. But that was last week. This week is already getting interesting. I’m not going to say more now, but I think I have a reason to smile.


  1. I’m am so proud of you for applying to that job. That was *amazing* and brave, and the best idea ever, and I would have started hysterically crying if I ever had to interview with that incredible woman. Basil, I’m going to miss you this summer. Like crazy lots.

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