Remembering and Reviewing

I finally totaled up my spending so far this month, with a little bit of guessing when I hadn’t written down how much a chai latte cost or how much change I threw in the meter, but for the most part, I think I got everything. I’m still off by $12.69, but I can’t think of any other spending, though obviously there must be something.

I can live with being off by this number. It isn’t great—it’s a little like an itch I can’t scratch, like a word on the tip of my tongue. And I’m wracking my brain trying to remember what I might have spent money on this month that I didn’t write down and now cannot remember.

It’s something to work on for the future. I believe in the YMOYL principle: write down every penny that goes into and out of my life because it gives me a very, clear picture on what this month was like. I am not sure what I spent $12.69 on; was it a cup of coffee? A Snickers bar? I did spend $2.25 last week on work snacks, which brings me to $10.44. It’s easy to forget what I spend when I don’t write it down, and then it’s easy to feel later like I don’t have enough money, like I don’t get to have the things that I want in the moment, when really, I got what I wanted yesterday, I just don’t remember in the moment. Writing it down, tracking it, lets me look at the previous month and remind myself.

It was a rough month, income-wise. That is rougher than the spending, to be honest. And I’m still due for one more paycheck this month, but the income was rough. I love my job, but if hours stay as they have been, then I’ll need re-evaluate and consider a second job, which I would prefer to avoid if at all possible.

It’s nice how good it feels to be well rested. My perspective feels very different than it has lately. Nothing has particularly changed. I’m still overspent this month, I’m still working the same job, but I can see with a better perspective. I’m still ready for this month to be over, but I’m looking forward to February.

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