A Highly Qualified Candidate

I feel I am qualified for this position for the following reasons.

  • Hah. I am not qualified for this position at all.
  • Hah. I am qualified because I can do this job even though I don’t have any of the skills you have requested.
  • Am highly organized. Trust me, I managed my schedule through I.B., college and now. I can handle what you throw at me.
  • I am a great liaison because I am a great communicator. I am direct, quick to respond and to address issues, and unfailingly polite.
  • I have run meetings of 20+ drunk college students and gotten shit done. Your board of directors does not scare me.
  • I love preparing agendas!
  • Catering: Done it. Like it. Can do it again.
  • Consistent and exemplary customer service to both internal and external customers: Did I mention that I am unfailingly professional? I gave a presentation on professionalism in the workplace. And customer service? I got that.
  • Perform other duties as assigned. Good. If you don’t assign duties I definitely will assign them to myself.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: check.
  • Five years administrative experience supporting executive staff: three if you stretch it.
  • Raiser’s Edge: nope.
  • MS Office: duh.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule: sure!
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to build business partnerships: my middle name is exceptional.
  • Benefits: Yes please.

Okay, so I am not qualified for this job. No way on paper. But, I know I can do this job (and I’ll just learn some Raiser’s Edge on the fly and not talk about it). The rest of this stuff? This is life stuff. If you can live your life, you can do this. That’s what I think. I’m probably wrong because if we could all do this, then everyone would be an executive assistant.

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