On the Upside

It’s the end of the month. I’m ready for it to be over, ready to assess the damage and move on. No, I’m not ready to tally up my spending now (or even to make sure that all is in order), but I’m ready for the final numbers to be in and to move on.
It is not going to be a pretty month, but I’m trying to look on the upside.
On the upside, I still saved money toward H.’s wedding.
On the upside, I still made a car payment and will send in another one before the month is through.
On the upside, things can only go up from here.
On the downside, I forgot how much derby costs. Hoo boy.
On the down side, I have health insurance now (yes, yes, this is an upside in the long run, but still).
On the downside, I still haven’t bought more contacts or glasses.
On the upside, I will definitely, definitely make sure that happens next month, I swear.
On the upside, I have a prescription.
On the upside, it’s been a good month, even if my bank account doesn’t show it.
On the upside, I swear, I have plenty of money, it’s just that I’ve put it in SAVINGS.
On the downside, my expenses still outweigh my income, even if I haven’t been forced to pull any money out of SAVINGS yet.
On the upside, I had a pretty cheap weekend.
On the upside, I have a lunch ready for tomorrow.
On the upside, this week should be pretty cheap too.
On the upside, I have practice tonight (it costs $10, is that a downside too?Yes).
On the upside, my team? Amazing.
On the upside, last year was way worse.
On the upside, next month has to be better.
On the upside, aw fuck it anyway.

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