Plasma and Priorities

Yes, I know it is after 1 o’clock tomorrow. In some cultures, the next day is only after sleep. I haven’t slept yet.

Sometimes I wonder if selling my plasma is really an efficient means of earning more money. There are a lot of jobs where I could earn more, even part time, but I haven’t really looked into those opportunities seriously.

I suppose it is because even though plasma does not pay much per hour “working,” the “work” is pretty limited. I show up at the clinic, check in, and read my book while my blood is drawn. Sure, it isn’t particularly convenient or lucrative compared to other opportunities (like a second job), but it doesn’t require much of me either. Lately, I’ve been reading Thinking, Fast and Slow, which is not my favorite book, but it is a relatively interesting study of statistics and perception. This is not the time to discuss that. I get a few chapters finished each time I visit the plasma center, which accounts for four to six chapters per week. That alone tells me my time at the plasma center is not totally wasted. Yes, I am paid, but no it is not much.

They show movies as well, mostly shoot-em-up action flicks, but I bring my book and try to read. I still don’t know many people at the center. I recognize a few nurses, and one of the technicians, the same one that everyone remembers. Alex. I want to tell people that I am just here to save, as though that makes me different than the other patients. The truth is we’re all there for the same reason: to sell plasma and make a little extra cash.

It’s hard not to pretend that I am special, that I am somehow different, but that is not the point. The point is that I am making ends meet, just like everybody else.

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