Goal #6: Spend less than I earn

This is going to be my focus for January, because January is going to be a tough month. It’s a little slower at work, so hours are a little harder to come by. Derby is starting up again which means buying the year’s insurance, paying for practice, and new uniforms. There’s regular old car insurance, car payments, and gas, plus some fancy health insurance. And there are the things I keep putting off until later: contacts, glasses, bike lights, dentists. And food. Sometime this month, I will have to buy food.

This isn’t a list to complain. Woe is not me. I still make enough money to cover these things (most of the these things… probably will not be buying glasses or seeing a dentist) and let’s be real: derby is a luxury, so even though I might be pinching pennies this month, it’s because of fun.

This is a list to help me keep my priorities in check, and to remember that most of my money has already been allocated this month. This is not the month that I will be going to Mexico or seeing the Grand Canyon. This is a month to hunker down and stay focused on my real goals: emergency fund, paid off car, funded retirement, financial independence. The only way that I am ever going to reach those goals is by mastering goal #6: spend less than I earn. In 2013, I started January massively above my income, and though the year improved, I never made it more than two months before I would spend more than I earned. This January, I want to change that. Even though it’s going to be tough, and even though I’ll have to make some uncomfortable choices, I want this more.

One comment

  1. Your closing line “I want this more…” sets the tone for accomplishing the goal, and slams the door on other spending adventures. Now to meet that need for “excitement” we all have, that spending often fills. What “E” opportunities are present that don’t beat up on Six, because that door is closed?

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