Obamacare, Updated

I am on hold to finalize my Covered California plan with Health Net. In order to be enrolled as of January 1st, I have to pay them by January 6th. I realize that it is January 2nd, and I’m either enrolled right now or I’m not, but whether I’m covered at this particular moment is not that important, as I do not currently require medical attention. So the silliness of the dates doesn’t bother me too much.

I’ve been on hold with Health Net for an hour and sixteen minutes so far, which means I probably have about twenty minutes before I speak with an operator. During that time, I went for a run with the Boyfriend, have started making dinner, and read entries on Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. So much for Goal #12: Spend less time on the internet. If I have to call about health insurance again, I might want to revise that goal to spend less time on hold.

To the financial side of Covered California, my insurance will cost me $44 and change each month. The doctor I’ve selected is less than a mile from our apartment. I’m not really looking forward to another bill each month, but I am looking forward to being covered. It will make me sleep a little better each night before derby practice, knowing that whatever happens on the track, I’ve got coverage. I have the required derby insurance as well, but this feels more secure.

$44 each month is not a lot of money. LifePlay pays about $50 per workshop, so if I could actually get some regular workshops going, that could cover my insurance. Even if that didn’t happen, it’s likely that I can scrape up $44 each month (I joke, I definitely can).

Here’s hoping this all goes through. And here’s hoping I never need to use it.

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