Estimates and Realities

I am ending the month and the year in a flurry of spending. I’m typing this in a coffee shop, sipping a Razzle Dazzle smoothie and waiting for my sandwich to arrive. I’m trying to finish a blog and a poem in the five minutes before my meeting starts, but I have my doubts. Somehow the day slipped away from me, and I am behind.

My sandwich and smoothie are $12.69, which I would consider highway robbery if I hadn’t ordered them. After my meeting, I’m going to happy hour with a new friend, someone I’d like to know better. Not sure what I’ll spend, but I’m estimating $25 plus or minus $5.

Then tomorrow, I am going out with a couple of the friends that I cat sat for while they were out of town. This could cost between $0 and $15, depending on whether they feel they need to treat. I did keep their cat alive for a week, and can you really put a price on that?


I was off on tonight’s estimate. Instead of $30, I spent $47, but I can live with that. I think I also made a new friend. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

So last night I decided that it was finally time that I tackle Goal #5: Develop a consistent sleep schedule/evening routine. Last night, at 8:30, I turned off my computer, washed the dishes, cleaned off the table, and crawled into bed to read for a short time before light’s out. The observant among you may notice that it is 8:17 at the time of this writing (and probably later by the time this is actually published on WordPress. There are unwashed dishes. The table is covered in a project from earlier in the day, and I can’t for the life of me understand why I would clean it up only to dig it all out again tomorrow. My computer is also alive and well. It is unlikely that I will meet my 8:30 cut off.

The sober Anne would say that this is a failure. The slightly-buzzed-from-two-Moscow-mules-two-glasses-of -Cava Anne says, “meh.” This is a learning opportunity. The problem that I have had with this goal is that my evenings are not very structurable. Between derby and social engagements, it becomes difficult to get everything done before bedtime. So, we adjust. At least, that’s what slightly-intoxicated Anne says. We’ll see what sober Anne thinks in the morning.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. No matter how hungover, I should have a final year’s total, and the complete graph of the year’s spending. This excites no one as much as it excites me.

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