Have yourself a merry little Christmas

At work today, one of my coworkers complained about tomorrow, Christmas. She was stressed because her siblings had expensive taste, and she’d spent too much money on their presents. There was a party she didn’t particularly want to go to, but what else are you going to do? It’s Christmas. There was the wrapping and the giving and the getting and the saying no and the eating and the drinking and the smiling until your cheeks hurt. There is a reason that Christmas is looked upon warily by some.

I bragged a little that I was spending Christmas by myself, probably on my couch, probably watching movies or reading a book. She and my other coworker looked at me enviously, that is the way to spend Christmas. And I must admit, I am looking forward to this holiday more than I was expecting (the Grinch is my spirit animal after all). Tomorrow is the gift of time. Time spent in my beautiful, clean apartment. Time spent reading books that are captivating my interest. Time spent on the bicycle in the southern California sunshine.

It’s been tough over the last few days, not to make myself all kinds of spending promises about tomorrow. Starbucks will be open and I have a gift card, so I could go… but do I need to? Would it really add so much to my day? No. Several Thai places will be open, I could eat Thai for lunch for as little as $5.95, and wouldn’t that be luxurious? Yes, but I don’t need it. Just stop and pick up some eggnog! Drink eggnog and eat pfeffernusse cookies while you read! Yes, I could do that, only do I really want to go to the grocery store right now? On Christmas Eve? Not particularly. And do I really need eggnog? Do I even like eggnog well enough to drink a whole liter of it? No, I don’t. And we have champagne in the fridge, and I know how much I like champagne (better than eggnog).

Tomorrow, as with today and every other day, I will try to be content with what I have and to appreciate all that I’ve been given. I will appreciate the sunshine, the bicycle, the peace and quiet. Not every Christmas will be like this one, and there is something magical about that.

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