No Spend Saturday

After some crazy mid-week spending, it felt nice to have a day without. This morning I sold more plasma ($25 in my pocket and iron at 42%, solid morning), then hung out knitting with Boyfriend until he had to leave for the airport.

After that, I went on the longest bike ride ever. It was supposed to be 8ish miles but it might have been closer to ten because I took some longish detours. Long though it was, it was a pleasure to be on the bike, even on the one very steep hill at mile 8 when I got off and walked. I biked to a friend’s house to take care of her cat who hid under the couch most of the time I was there. Then I biked to another friend’s house to take care of her cat who had a lot of complaints to make about being left alone for a couple of days. I love a cat who will have a conversation with you. I stayed for about an hour with both cats, reading and hanging out in lovely apartments before returning to my own lovely apartment where I knitted my face off. Made lemon rice soup and fresh bread, watched a movie and knitted some more.

It was a nice respite from the busyness that seems to come with the season, even when one makes a concerted effort to avoid it. I really felt like I had a chance to live my values today: biked all over, read, made stuff. That’s what weekends are for, right?

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