Frugal Tip: Be Patient.

This is really just a general tip for me because I’m having another one of those episodes where my life just doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough. Sure, time moves quickly, but I feel like I’m stagnating in one place. I mean, I’ve been at G.S. three months now, what do you mean I’m not running the place?

Hold up and take a chill pill, my brain tells me. It’s only been three months. It’s pretty normal that you wouldn’t be stepping into the CEO chair quiiiite yet. But this “hold steady” policy is tough for me. I’m used to just work-work-working on whatever I set my mind to until it’s “fixed” and I’ve reached my goal. I haven’t reached my goal yet, so I should just work harder, right? Apparently the adult world does not always work like this.

I had my three month performance review today. I did not discuss this, obviously, but it was a nice reminder that I am on the right track, that my supervisor believes in me and supports my growth within the organization, and that if I can just stick around long enough to settle in and start being noticed, then I can make some things happen here. Not just for me (it’s all about me), but for the girls we serve as well, which is the real point.

But in the meantime, I have to learn to settle for less than perfect. I have to learn to be okay with in progress and unfinished. This is not my strong suite. But holding back and learning to go with the flow is also an important workplace skill. Let’s see how things shake out. Let’s trust things to work out.

I don’t need to be trolling craigslist looking for the next step up. The next step up is here for me somewhere at G.S. This is after all where I’ve had the most perfect days in a row, and maybe I can just appreciate that. In my evaluation, my boss and I talked briefly about how this is an entry level job and it’s a place to learn (this was not a criticism of me in spite of the way the rest of this post sounds). I said something smart like, “Yes, it is entry level and it’s a learning experience, but it’s also where we (my coworkers and I) are right now, and we need to be present here where we are.” Good advice, if only I can remember to follow it.

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