Another stunning victory for the F.L.O.!

In a daring blow against tyranny and oppression, our correspondent liberated four brave limes from a decorative tree this afternoon. Decorative trees! Today we celebrate fruit’s true purpose: eating!

Though the Flower Liberation Organization has previously focused our efforts on freeing the neighborhood blossoms, we recognize that F can stand for Flowers and Fruit, and as such we extend our mission to the results of those blossoms as well. We will not allow our mutual enemies to divide plant from plant, but we remain united: intertwining root and vine!

These four limes (we’re pretty sure they’re limes. They’re green, like most of the surrounding fruit and they taste like lime, but some of the unidentified fruits on the same trees were yellow and larger…a lime lemon hybrid perhaps?) were one of only a few brethren to escape today, but our correspondent feels certain that future raids can be made on this particular grove of trees (decorative trees! We shake our fist at such waste!). Indeed, she would have rescued more limes had not a bourgeois informer opened the door to his patio overlooking the tree in question. Our correspondent casually scuttled away with her four limes safely in tow.

One lime (or highly unripe lemon) has already sacrificed itself to the name of tonight’s dinner: quinoa and black beans with salsa. In related news, margaritas will be served as refreshment at the next F.L.O. board meeting. Hope to see you there!

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