Sunday Review

What a difference a little health makes! I woke up feeling better this morning and kicked butt all day, which means I spent a little money so let’s do the numbers:

Groceries: $12.71
Secret Santa Gift Supplies: $10.44
Extension Cord for the bedroom: $9.47
Burritos with Boyfriend: $13.50
Today’s Total: $46.12

Yesterday the Boyfriend and I rearranged the bedroom (that’s what you do to cure a cold, right?) and with the new arrangement we needed an extension cord for my side of the room, so we went to Home Depot (my 2nd favorite hardware store) and picked one up, along with curtain rods which we will be installing at some later point. The bedroom looks so good right now it is making me feel guilty about the main room which is currently covered in a layer of craft supplies.

We also hit up Target and Michaels so that I could pick up some last minute supplies for my Game of Thrones themed Secret Santa gift. I’ll post pictures of all my homemade Christmas gifts at a later date (except the ornament I already gave away). I can’t say too much more since the gift exchange is tomorrow except that my gift is awesome, and I’m tempted to make some for myself.

Boyfriend also wanted to look for shoes at DSW, which used to be my favorite store. I used to feel like Holly Golightly walking into Tiffany’s when I would browse their rows of heels, and when we walked in today I felt some of that old energy. “When I have the money,” or “If I was working an office job, I would…” I found myself thinking. Then an unusual thought occurred, “If I was making more money, I’d be poorer than I am now because I’d be spending it all on shoes.” It made me laugh, and suddenly I wasn’t looking with longing at what I couldn’t have. The shoes became like a museum exhibit, something I could admire without imagining in my apartment. It was a pleasure to look at them, to pick them up and feel the material, but it was also easy to walk away without them.

Once we returned from shopping, I spent most of the afternoon making my Secret Santa gift, so I didn’t get around to making the bread I will also be bringing to tomorrow’s festivities until 8 o’clock this evening. I’m making four loaves of bread, which I think might be how much my great-grandmother used to make every day. They’ll rise overnight and I’ll bake them tomorrow morning.

I feel as though I’ve been very productive today, but my to-do list is much longer than I have time for, so most of the things are still undone (for example, I still have not called Covered California to learn more about insurance… tomorrow maybe?). I am planning to get up early tomorrow (gotta bake that bread before work), but I’ve got a lot of energy right now, so who knows what I might still accomplish tonight?

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