Dispatches from the Grinch’s Workshop

I’ve been taking it pretty easy today: biked to work, moved some furniture around, painted. I’m feeling a little under the weather, so I’m trying not to make it worse. However, I have another Christmas-ish party on Monday so I am working on my gift. Unlike the work Christmas party on Friday, I am attending this one of my own volition, and I am excited to see how my present turns out when I am finished making it.

In years past, Christmas was a bit of an anxious time for me. In college there were a lot of people to shop for: family, college friends, high school friends, etc. and I had a very limited budget, but then it seemed harder to cut people off the list especially if they were still likely to give me something, and some friends were inclined toward generous giving. As the years went on and these friendships became less significant, giving seemed more like a burden than an expression of affection.

Nowadays, I feel much less obligation to give gifts to anyone, let alone to people I never see. I have been making all of my gifts this year, and the time commitment has limited my gift-giving ability even more than the finances. I’ve loved improving my knitting, and trying different crafts; it is so much more enjoyable than a trip to the mall. I’m also broke, and I feel perfectly comfortable saying that to anyone looking for a present from Macy’s.

On top of that, Boyfriend and I live in a small apartment, which we have already filled with things we quite like. Even receiving gifts has lost some of its luster because now I have to figure out where I will put said gift. Things we can eat or enjoy (aka which we can remove from our lives once we’re finished with them) are the best presents.

The best gift for anyone is time because it is the one thing we can never have more of. And truly, if time is the greatest gift of all, don’t waste it in a mall.

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