Save Money: Attack your vanities

I started getting my eyebrows waxed and later threaded when I was a senior in high school, and since then I’ve always been a little vain about my eyebrows, like staring at myself in windows after they’ve just been done vain. They’re large, dark and well-shaped, at least when I take the time or spend the money, and having them professionally “done” made them look much better than my irregular attempts with tweezers.

The cheapest I’ve ever gotten my eyebrows threaded is $8, from an eastern European woman trained in Prague who worked in my college town. Normally, the cost is closer to $12 to $15. Since it is recommended to have them done every two weeks or so, that’s $24 to $30 a month. On eyebrows.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been happening. I’ve gone back to the old tweezers method which has improved since I was a gawky sophomore, or maybe I’ve just honed my technique. This is still the first useless vanity I would welcome back into my life if I had the money, before regular haircuts or pedicures or massages or makeup.

And truly, I’m learning that they are good enough. The difference between my eyebrows when I’ve tweezed them and when I’ve paid someone else to thread them is not a $15 difference.

The best tutorial on tweezing your own eyebrows comes from Jane Feltes, former producer of This American Life and goddess of the internet.

The Eyebrow Tutorial Window Frames to the Soul



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