October Report

As Kai Ryssdal would say, “Let’s do the numbers!”

In the most of the major categories, spending was down. I spent almost 40% less on food this month than last month, $122.72 to $204.59 in September. Transportation spending was also down, though gas spending was up. I bought two tanks of gas in October versus one in September, a cost of work. I spent more on booze, as a result of my birthday, which I categorize as entertainment. I also paid $57 toward my car this month, so woot for that.  The final totals were income: $890.46 and expenses: $955.07, a difference of $64.61, a higher difference than I reported earlier thanks to a forgotten fuel up.

oct spending

This is now the second lowest spending month on record (after June), so I seem to be making progress in lowering expenses. Now if I could only raise revenue.

In non-numbers news, the 26 goals seem to be going well, though I’m getting burned out on my routine of a daily blog post, daily poem, and daily exercise. Maybe it is just because lately I have been putting them off until after work and then all I want to do is lie on the couch and read the internet. For example, right now, when this October report is 200 words long. Sorry, not sorry, would rather be reading Game of Thrones right now.

I guess it just seems like this goes on forever—tracking my earning and my spending without much progress being made—and the same is true for writing and exercise it seems. I do the same thing every day, with nothing much ever seeming to change. Where are the breakthroughs? And I know that breakthroughs are not really how things work; I’m not suddenly going to be a marathon runner without months or years of training first, and I’m not going to be a good, recognized writer without slogging through years of crap and anonymity first either. Ira Glass has an inspirational video about this, but I’ve watched it too many times recently to still be moved. Change and improvement seems glacially slow right now, and I wish I was seeing more progress in myself.

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