Foiled by Gas!

I just got off work and I don’t have a serious blog post in me right now. However, I do have a gas tank sitting on E. I don’t think there is any way that I can get to November without filling up my tank* so now the challenge is to see how long I can drive it before the gas light comes on. It got to E yesterday, and I barely drove it at all today, but I’ll have to drive to work and derby tomorrow, so my money is that the light will blink on as I am driving up to derby. And then I will have to get gas because I have to drive to a school on Thursday. So even if the light miraculously did not illuminate tomorrow, it would definitely light up on Halloween. There is no escaping it. I have to get gas before October ends. It’s just a matter of time.

That’s fine. I don’t like it because I don’t like buying gas and I was really hoping to get through the rest of the month without buying anything at all, but if I have to get gas, then fine. It’s not like I can’t afford gas, and it’s not like gas is really in the same category as the t-shirt I’ve been coveting. Gas used to feel like a necessity.

So I’ll buy gas, and my margin at the end of the month will be a little bit less than I was hoping for, but I’ll still be in the black. Even if I bought gas and the t-shirt (not going to) I’d still be in the black, just barely. This is good place to be. I’m right on the margin, yes, but the last couple of months, I’ve had no hope at all to come out ahead. It feels good to come out ahead, even just by a little bit.


*I mean, I guess there are ways, but they aren’t really good ways. I could mooch off of Boyfriend and take his car, but then he’d have to buy gas. I could claim again that my car is in the shop, but that’s hard to pull off two weeks in a row (especially since I drove to work the last two days). I feel like I am more inclined to call my car in sick than I would ever be to call in sick myself. I love my job! I just don’t want to buy gas.


  1. Your grandfather would think you are living on the wild side. He would fill up on 1/2 tank….1/4 would probably drive him wild. There is something to be said for having wide enough margins in one’s life. Of having enough gas in the car so that if an opportunity or need arise, you don’t have to stop to put gas in it. Cutting it close can result in a higher expense down the road. My two cents worth.

    1. I have more margins in time than money right now. If the gas light comes on, I’ll get gas, I won’t wait around to see how long I can still hold out. If I’m commuting to or from a school, I allow enough time to stop. If I’m going to roller derby, I’ll just be late (or budget time). But you’re right, it would have made Papa crazy, and it makes me a little nervous myself. It’s like riding a roller coaster! Oh, the exciting world of frugality and razor-edge budgeting!

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